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The Emirates Dermatology Society plays a key role in the continuous improvement in the quality of dermatology services in the UAE and the wider region.

The Emirates Dermatology Society has an active management committee that oversee the day to day running of the organization.

It brings together the dermatologist in the UAE so they can share their experiences and knowledge with their colleagues

New Possibilities of Enhancing Quality of Life in Patients with Severe Psoriasis

Topics & Objectives

  • Overview of the connection between psoriasis and interleukins.
  • Available treatments within Psoriasis.
  • Interpretation for efficacy data of new therapies.
  • Quantify the opportunity for higher levels of clearance and enhanced quality of life.
  • Discuss how to manage adverse events of these therapies.

The webinar will be held three times during June 12th-13th. Signup By Clicking One Of The Below Links

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